If it’s not your first language, learning English is a challenging task. But because it is a language that is spoken everywhere in the world, learning it is so rewarding. The reasons to learn the universal language are too many to count, but here are just five to convince the hesitant learner.

1. You will make your travel experience much easier.

Gone are the days of trying to ask for directions from locals and only ending up even more lost. Save yourself from communicating only through pointing at pictures or Google Translate—now you can have simple conversations that also make your travel experience less of a hassle.

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2. You will finally get to watch Western movies and TV shows—without the awkward dubbing.

Now you’ll get to watch films from the US and the UK in their original versions, the way they were meant to be seen. Learning English allows you to partake of pop culture without feeling like you aren’t invited to also take part in it.

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3. You will get to communicate to people from all walks of life.

The Internet has made the World a much smaller place, and in the World Wide Web, English is the vernacular. Learning this language, then, allows you to connect with more people from all over the globe, allowing you to expand your social circles and learn more about the World you share with other people.

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4. You will be able to take more opportunities.

Learning English opens a host of new opportunities for you, whether in education or in career. Because English is spoken in every corner of the World, being fluent in it means you can study in another country, or apply for work in big international corporations.

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5. Your horizons world will expand.

Learning English also means learning about the world. Because it is a language spoken universally, a wealth of knowledge becomes available to you. When you travel, you get to ask locals about their culture. You get to read books written by authors of all sorts of nationalities. You get to consume media from everywhere in the World. It will be like gaining a citizenship to every country in the world—all because you learned the language everyone can speak.

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