A suffix is a letter or group of letters you add to the end of a word. It changes the meaning or function of a word. In this article, we will talk about the most common suffixes.

There are many suffixes used in the English language. Some suffixes turn names of things into descriptions. Some turn names of things into actions.

Below are some of the most common suffixes, followed by examples.


This suffix can change a description into a comparison. Sometimes, you need to add or change some letters in the original word.

fast – faster
big – bigger
small – smaller


This suffix can change an action word into a noun. You will need to remove or change a few letters.

act – action
complete – completion
persuade – persuasion


This suffix can make something absent. It means "without."

homeless = without a home
heartless = without a heart
brainless = without a brain


This suffix means "able to be." Sometimes, you also need to remove or change a few letters.

excite – excitable
prevent – preventable
loveable – lovable


This suffix means "full of something." Like with most suffixes, you will need to remove or change a few letters.

beautiful = full of beauty
hurtful = full of hurt
cheerful = full of cheer

Knowing how suffixes work can help you understand the meaning of words. It can also help you know the function of a word.

We'll write more about this next time!

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