You can learn new vocabulary by reading poems. You can also learn more about the rhythm of English.

Here are some tips for learning English through poetry.

1. Find short poems that are easy to read. Start with poems that use complete sentences. You can also start with poems that tell complete stories.

You can find them in websites like Poetry Foundation and Poem Hunter.

Here are some poems you can study:

2. Listen to poetry out loud. This will help you learn pronunciation. It will also help you learn the rhythm of the English language.

The websites we mentioned above have audio files. You can also find poetry read out loud on YouTube and Spotify. Some are recordings of the poets reading their poems. Some are recordings of celebrities reading poems.

Here's a video of Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”


3. Read the poem aloud. This will help you improve your vocabulary. It will also improve your speaking skills.

Carry a copy of the poem with you. Read it out loud as often as you can. Try to master its rhythm and rhyme.

4. Memorize your favorite poem. Again, this will help you improve your sense of rhythm and pronunciation.

Here's a nice poem you can start memorizing: “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop.

5. Keep reading poetry! Some poems are more difficult than others, but you'll always find a poet or poem you like.

You can also look for English translations for poems in your language. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, for example, wrote in Spanish. His work has been translated into English.

We hope you found these tips helpful.

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