If you've had your fill of free online English courses, it may be time to start investing in paid English courses. However, don't start thinking that paid English courses will leave a giant dent in your savings! Below are some sites that offer English courses for a very affordable fee:


Coursera has over 300 courses for learning English - from academic writing to business English to creative writing. While some courses on Coursera are free, most of their courses are incredibly affordable - perfect for students and those who are on a budget.


Lynda.com is a subscription-based video tutorial library created by LinkedIn. For only $25 per month, you get unlimited access to all sorts of English courses that are made for those who like to be entertained while learning. Think of it like watching TV and picking up on English skills with each episode!


Skillshare is a haven for people who want to learn a huge selection of courses made by different experts. They have a wide selection of incredibly practical English courses. Courses can be taken without a membership. However, the $9.95 membership grants you a 20% discount of all classes.

English Central

This site has an innovative take on teaching English. You get to watch short clips from movies, TV shows, and commercials with subtitles. Then, you're asked to record yourself pronouncing each sentence. You'll then receive feedback via a voice-recognition system. It's seriously like playing a game while honing your pronunciation skills.


Lastly, there's Learntalk - a site with a unique methodology for teaching English. Learntalk connects you with English experts that teach you all sorts of practical English skills. And the best part is Learntalk's lessons are short and concise, making it the perfect choice for busy people.

These sites provide high-quality English lessons, so you know you're really getting a bang for your buck! Check out these sites today and pick out the courses that suit your needs.

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