If you cook, buy food at the market or eat at restaurants, especially when traveling, it helps to know the English words for different foods. Do you know the different names of meats in English?

Meat is animal flesh that people eat. Strictly speaking, the term includes all animals, including fishes and birds. However, there are some people who believe that meat refers only to land mammals. For them, poultry, fish, and other seafood are different.

In any case, here is a list of the different animals and their meats for your culinary adventures.

Cow or bull – Meat from a mature cow or bull, aged one year up, is called beef, but meat from a young cow, aged six to seven months, is called veal.

Pig – Meat from a pig is called pork. The meat of a very young pig, specifically a piglet that is fed on its mother's milk, is referred to as meat from a suckling pig.

Sheep – Meat from a mature sheep is called mutton, while meat from a young sheep or lamb is also called lamb.

Goat – Meat from a mature goat is called chevon, from the French word for goat. The meat of a young goat is referred to as kid. Milk-fed young goat is called cabrito, from the Spanish and Portuguese word. Incidentally, in some countries, goat meat is also referred to as mutton.

Deer – Meat from a deer is called venison.

Chicken – Meat from this bird is also called chicken.

Turkey – The meat of this bird is also called turkey.

Pigeon – Meat from this bird is called squab.

Fishes and other seafood – Most of the fishes and other seafood have the same name for the animal and its meat. For example, the meat of tuna is called tuna, the meat of salmon is called salmon, and the meat of lobster is called lobster.

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