They both sound the same. But when written, they could spell the difference between a well-written sentence and a grammar disaster. So here's a quick guide for when you should use your and you're.


YOUR implies that you own something.


Your disgusting furbaby has been sitting on top of your car 
while washing his behind.


YOUR, in this case, is referring to YOUR disgusting furbaby and YOUR car.

YOU'RE is a contraction of YOU ARE.

If you're not going to stop the damn creature
from sticking his face in his rear end
right where my kids can see,
you're going to witness how well I can swing a baseball bat
in the middle of my binge drinking session!


This translates to "If you are not going to get the damn cat to quit washing his ass in public, you are going to see me swinging away at a bat while I'm inebriated out of my mind!"

So kids, remember: it's important to know the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE!

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