Art touches the soul like no other medium can. As visual creatures, humans are drawn to visual depictions of the world around us - from a beautiful girl staring at us from a canvas to an idyllic scenery of some faraway land. But the hard thing about appreciating art is that it can be pretty challenging to pronounce the names of the geniuses behind each work of art. So for those of you who are hesitant to say an artist's name out loud, here's our quick pronunciation guide.

1. Auguste Rodin (oh-GOOST roh-DAN)

This French sculptor created The Sculptor.

2. Georges Seurat (zhorzh sir-AH)

His most famous work is "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte"

3. Louis Daguerre (loo-IS da-GAIR)

He's the man behind the daguerreotype camera.

4. Titian (TISH-in)

This Italian painter is known for his religious paintings like the "Assunta."

5. Edgar Degas (ED-gar deh-GAH)

He's the artist who perfectly captured the motion of graceful ballerinas.

6. Edvard Munch (ed-VARD MOONK)

The ubiquitous "The Scream" painting is his creation.

7. Jan van Eyck (YAWN vun EYE-k)

He created "The Arolfini Portrait," a painting you can stare at for hours.

8. Claude Monet (KLOD mow-NEI)

He is your go-to artist for French Impressionist artwork.

9. Paul Gauguin (POL go-GAN)

He's one of the most famous post-Impressionist artists.

10. Hieronymus Bosch (hi-RAHN-eh-mus BOSH)

His paintings are overwhelming yet captivating at the same time.

Now you can proudly pronounce the names of some of the world's most famous artists with this guide!

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