Are you confused about what all those big letters mean on FB, IG or YT? ICYMI, here's a useful list for you.

The Internet (and text messaging) has its own language. As if learning English isn't challenging enough, you have to learn the English of the Internet.

But don't worry! We've compiled this quick list of Internet abbreviations and text shorthand to help you catch up with English Internet slang.

TFW you find an onion ring in your fries.

TFW – "That feeling when." You use this to show how you're feeling, often posting it with an image that captures the feeling perfectly.

ICYMI – "In case you missed it." You use this to draw attention to something you feel everyone should know about. For example: "Here's the video everyone's talking about, ICYMI."

IDK – "I don't know." You use it like the actual sentence, really. IDK why people have to abbreviate it.

SMH – "Shaking my head." You use this to show disappointment over something. It can be something you read online, something stupid someone said or did, or even something stupid you did. 

IMO or IMHO – "In my (humble or honest) opinion." You use this to introduce your thoughts in a discussion. The additional letter H is often added to soften the blow. For example: "IMHO, the Justice League movie was terrible."

FTW – "For the win." You use this as a celebratory statement. For example: "High score in my English test, FTW!"

IRL – "In real life." You use this to refer to real life as opposed to the digital one. If you've been talking to someone you've never met online, you can tell him, "I'm looking forward to meeting you IRL."

NVM – "Never mind." You use this to tell someone not to worry about something because it's not important anymore.  For example, when someone asks you if you're still looking for someone to help you learn English, you can reply, "NVM, I already found an online English teacher."

We hope you found this list helpful. We'll be back with more!

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