One of the most fun ways to improve your English skills is to listen to songs in English. English songs can teach you common expressions, everyday language, and practical vocabulary.

You can also learn how the English language sounds naturally. Songs can also teach you about the English-speaking culture, which can help you understand the language better. 

The good news is that English songs are very accessible. You can find almost every song you want to listen to on video sharing sites like YouTube or music streaming services like Spotify.

Here are some tips on how to learn English through songs.

1. Choose the right song. Remember, you must enjoy the learning process! Choose music you like to listen to. Then, make sure it uses the right kind of language for your English skills. Some English songs use too much slang, so they may be difficult for beginners.

We recommend a song that tells a story. This way, it will be easier for you to imagine what is happening.

2. Look up the song lyrics. There are many websites that have song lyrics, such as and Some YouTube channels show the song lyrics as captions too, but it’s better to see all the lyrics at once.

Print out the lyrics. Find the meaning of the words you don’t know. Make a list of these words and study them until they become part of your English vocabulary. Then, listen to the music while reading the lyrics. This will help you understand the complete story.

3. Sing along. This is the best part! Now that you’re familiar with the music and the lyrics, you can practice pronouncing the words by singing along. You can start by reading the lyrics out loud first. Then, just sing.

Don’t worry if you’re not a very good singer. What we want is for you to be a good English speaker!

We’ll be back with some song recommendations next time.

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