There are many words you can use to talk about time. In this blog post, we will discuss the use of "later" and "after." 

After and later have similar uses. Study the examples below.


You use after to talk about a time following another time. It is often used with another word or phrase.

For example:

• He left after breakfast.
• I'll talk to you after the meeting.
• You can call again after thirty minutes.
• John arrived after you called.
• After the war, my grandfather moved to the countryside.


You use later to talk about a time after time you are talking about. It is often used at the end of the sentence. It also often follows a time period. For example:

• We met in Paris three months later.
• Hannah finished her studies three years later.

However, if you want to talk about an unspecified time in the future, you can also use the following structure: later + time period. For example:

I'll visit you later tonight.
She is leaving the company later this week.
They will fly to Europe later this month.

Now, it's your turn!

Complete these sentences:

1. After _____, I will take a break.
2. I will go on vacation after _____.
3. After _____, I went to university.
4. I'm going on a vacation later _____.
5. We will see each other later _____.
6. I left school in 2010. Five years later _____.

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