Frequently Asked Questions


What happens in a Learntalk lesson?

All of our classes are held online via our own video conferencing platform (if you are using Google Chrome browser from a desktop) or Zoom live calls. Our lessons last for 25 minutes, and we focus primarily on the development of your speaking and listening skills. Through a series of targeted questions, role plays, and comprehension exercises, our teachers encourage you to have fun, take risks, and do most of the talking during the lesson.


Is Learntalk an on-demand service?

Yes, at any time you can have a live, online English lesson with a professional language teacher, as long as a teacher is available.


How will I receive feedback on my progress?

After every lesson, you will receive feedback on how the lesson went and a progress report from your teacher via email. You will be graded on five different linguistic metrics and you'll also receive targeted comments on how you can improve for the next lesson.


Do I have to pay an enrollment fee or material fee?

There are no enrollment or material fees charged when you join Learntalk. We use our own teaching material that we've developed in-house at Learntalk, as well as several standard books and materials for IELTS, FCE, CAE, and TOEFL preparation that we gladly share with you free of cost when you take our lessons.


What do I need for creating an account?

The only thing you’ll need is your email address. Just click on Sign Up and fill in the required fields to create an account.


How can I choose one of the different plans?

From our Plans site, just click START below your preferred plan, and we will automatically link you to Stripe or Paypal for the secure payment.


How can I change my plan?

If you want to upgrade, just click on the Upgrade button in your dashboard, or go to the Plans site and select the next plan.


Can I cancel my account?

We hope you don’t want to do that! But in case you want to, just go to your Dashboard, and then to My account settings menu in the side nav.


How does Pay As You Go work?

All you need to do is upload either your credit card details or Paypal account to our third-party payment providers (Stripe and Paypal) and start learning. You will only be charged when you book a class. USD 5 for an individual class and USD 2 for a group class.


How do I pay for plans?

We process all payments via embedded third party payment providers. For credit and debit cards we use Stripe. For Paypal accounts we use Braintree which is a subsidiary of Paypal. We NEVER hold any of your payment details.


Is Unlimited really Unlimited?

Yes, you can literally book as many lessons as you want during your subscription.


If I have a Group Unlimited subscription, can I still book individual lessons?

Yes, you will just be charged USD 5 for them in the same way Pay As You Go customers are.


What are the technical requirements for learning English with Learntalk?

Not much: a computer, tablet, or smartphone and high-speed internet access.


Is my information safe?

All of the records of our transactions and any personal or sensitive information of our staff, students, and teachers here at Learntalk are encrypted with secure socket layer technology (SSL).


What time can I take lessons?

Here at Learntalk, we offer lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After you register your time zone information you will be able to see our teachers' availability and book them according to your preferences.


How do I book a lesson?

Simply log in to your student account and check your lesson balance in order to book a lesson. Click on “Reserve” to select your date and time, one of the teachers available at that hour and category/topic. You will be able to download materials and you will receive an email with all the details. At the time of the lesson, just get connected and wait for the teacher to call you.


What type of lessons can I have?

You can book individual lessons, group lessons (with up to four participants) and individual level checks, where you will be given an official CEFR score and certificate.


Can I choose a specific teacher?

When booking a lesson, if you want to learn with the same teacher, you can search for him/her and see their availability. You can also browse through the available teachers on the Teachers page and click on their sample video to hear them give a short introduction about themselves.


Can I change my Schedule after I have booked?

For the free trial lesson, you can cancel it 24 hours before and reschedule it. Within the last 24 hours, you will loose the credit, but you will get it back next month. 

As a Pay As You Go user, if you cancel a lesson more than 24 hours before the lesson, you retain credit to book another lesson. If you cancel the lesson less than 24 hours before the lesson, you forfeit that lesson credit.

As an Unlimited user, you can cancel lessons up to 24 hours before the lesson. Cancelling in the last 24h means a penalty of USD 2 in your account.

We do this to avoid wasting our teachers’ availability.


What happens if I don’t show up to a lesson?

If you forget you had a lesson at some time or you just cannot show up:

As a Free User, you will lose the lessons you still have for that month. You will be able to book again next month.

As a Pay As You Go user, you will forfeit that lesson credit.

As an Unlimited User, you will be charged USD 2 as penalty. Of course, you will be able to book again whenever you want.


How can I become a Learntalk teacher?

If you're interested in teaching English with us at Learntalk, just go to to find out more about applying and submit your requirements for consideration.


How can I file a complaint?

If you have any concerns about our teachers or your learning experience with us, you may write us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.