There's a new cafe opening in your area, and you want to try out their coffee. However, they seem to have a lot of coffee items on their menu and it's very confusing!

Don't worry. We have a couple of tips to help you order the perfect cup of coffee.

1. Smile and say hello. 

Being friendly to the barista will encourage them to help you find the perfect brew for you.

2. Can't decide which coffee to pick? Ask the barista for a recommendation.

They'll always be glad to help out those who aren't sure what to pick. To start, ask them which blend is their bestseller.

3. Know some basic coffee terms.

Here are some coffee-related words that your barista might mention:

☕ Espresso (es-PRESS-oh) - That's a very concentrated type of coffee where hot, pressurized water is forced through coffee beans. It comes in a smaller cup and is very strong!
☕ Americano (ah-me-ri-CA-no) - That's an espresso with more hot water added.
☕ Latte (LAH-tey) - An Americano gets turned into a latte when you add warm milk.
☕ Macchiato (maki-A-tow)- A macchiato is a latte with much less milk.
☕ Cappuccino (ka-poo-CHI-no)- A cappuccino is made by pouring espresso in a coffee cup, filling it with steamed milk, and topping it off with a layer of foam.
☕ Blend - Two or more types of coffee may be mixed to create one with a more pleasing flavor. You're not expected to know all the blends, so you may ask the barista to describe a certain blend you're interested in.
☕ Frappe (fra-PEY) - A frappe is an iced or chilled drink.

4. Hot or cold?

Most coffee shops would give you the option to get a cold drink. However, it's always best to ask and look at the menu first to see if the coffee shop offers cold drinks.

Cold drinks often come with whipped cream on top, so you may want to let the barista know if don't want any whipped cream.

5. Say thanks and leave a tip.

If the barista helping you pick your drink has been helpful, it's always a good idea to say thank you and leave a tip. Tip jars or boxes may often be found near the cashier.

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