When was the last time you felt like a total dunce when you had to say a brand name without any idea of how it should be pronounced?

We've all been there before, but it's no reason to panic! Brand names can be one of the toughest things to pronounce. Not only will you sound absolutely clueless if you can't pronounce them, but you also need to know their origins to know how they should be pronounced. A little insight into the origins of a brand can give you a clue about how it should be enunciated.

But since no one has the time to research every single brand to know how they should be said aloud, we're here to the rescue! Here are some commonly mispronounced brand names and how to properly pronounce them!

1. Stella Artois (STEL-ah Ar-TWA)

A Belgian beer company

2. Porsche (POR-shuh)

A German luxury car company

3. Givenchy (zhiv-ON-shee)

A French couture brand

4. Chevrolet (SHEV-ro-LAY)

An American car company

5. Nike (NAI-kee)

An American sporting brand

6. Hermès (AIR-mez)

© Martin Abegglen

A French luxury couture brand

7. Huawei (WAH-WEY)

A Chinese networking and telecommunications equipment company

8. Ikea (ee-KAY-uh) or (eye-KEE-ah)

A Swedish home improvement store

9. Moet et Chandon (mo-WET eh CHAN-do)

A French fine winery company. Keep in mind that though it's a French company, the name Moet is taken from Claude Monet, who is of Dutch origin. Therefore, the Dutch pronunciation is retained.

10. Van Heusen (VAN HEW-son)

A multinational clothing brand

For more pronunciation tutorials, check out Emma Saying on YouTubeIt may take a little practice to get the right intonation, but a few more tries and you should be able to pronounce these brands with pride!

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