If you want to improve your English speaking skills, you need to practise as much as you can. There are many ways to do this without an English teacher. One of them is to be part of an English club.

What if there is no English Club in your area? You can start one! Here are some helpful tips. 

Basically, an English club is a group of people who meet regularly to work on their English skills together. The club members can plan fun activities for English speaking practice.

1. Find club members. To begin, you have to decide: Who do you want the members to be? Is the club only for coworkers or friends? Or do you want it to be open to anyone interested?

If you want coworkers or friends to join, invite people to your club by sending an email blast. If your club is open to everyone, you can put up signs in public places, like libraries and cafes. You can also post an invitation on social media.

2. Find a place for your club. Where will your club meet? Is it a convenient location? Is it big enough? Do you want to have food and drinks? Do you need tables?  The club's meeting place should be comfortable. You want people to talk and interact.

3. Organize your first meeting. Who are the members of your club? What is their English level? What are their goals and interests?  Don't worry if the members have different English levels. Everyone can help each other improve their English Language Skills

4. Establish leadership and some ground rules. While an English Club is usally an informal setup, you need a system in place to run it. Select a group of people who will  help you organize the club. For example, who is in charge of sending out all communication?

The club also needs some rules. Will members pay a membership free? Do you want people to bring food and drinks? Should everyone speak English only during club meetings?

5. Choose your club’s activities. Now that you know the club members, you can plan the activities. Choose activities that suit the members' personality, goals and interestes.

You need to plan warm-up activities, main activities, and special activities. Warm-up activities can be games, while main activities can be discussion or role-playong activities. Special activities can be group trips or film viewings.

Have fun with this! English clubs can be a great way to have English speaking practice and make friends at the same time. 

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