We have the sense of hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste. How do we talk about these five senses in English?

There are two simple questions you can ask if you want to talk about any of the five senses.

1. How does it (sound / feel / smell / look / taste)?
How does + (the object being discussed) + (sense verb)?

2. What does it (sound / feel / smell / look / taste) like?
What does + (the object being discussed) + (sense verb) + like?

Here are the five sense and the sense verbs you can use to talk about them:

hearing – She sounds angry.
touch – Your hand feels cold.
smell – This flower smells nice.
sight – He looks tired.
taste – The pie tastes sweet.

This flower smells nice.

The two questions above are used in the same way, but there is a difference in how you answer them.

How does it (sound / feel / smell / look / taste)?

When the question starts with "how," you often answer with a description. You can also share your personal opinions and thoughts about the thing that is being discussed.

For example:

Melissa: How does Bob's new band sound?
Jeremy: His new band sounds terrible!

Cary: How does the pie taste?
Lisa: It tastes delicious.

What does it (sound / feel / smell / look / taste) like?

When the question starts with "what" and ends with "like," you often reply with a comparison. You compare the thing being discussed with another thing.

For example:

Melissa: What does Bob's new band sound like?
Jeremy: His new band sounds like one hundred screaming roosters.
Melissa: That sounds terrible.
Jeremy: Exactly.

Cary: What does the pie taste like?
Lisa: It tastes like heaven on a plate!
Cary: That sounds delicious.
Lisa: Absolutely.

Think of things you can hear, touch, smell, see, and taste. Then practice asking and answering the above questions.

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