To connect one idea to another in a sentence, use words linking words or linking phrases like "however" and "as a matter of fact." These words or phrases are also known as sentence connectors.

Sentence connectors are more often used in writing. If you want to improve your English writing skills, learn about the different sentence connectors in English.

You can also use sentence connectors in formal speech. If you are learning Business English, study sentence connectors too.

The donuts at the new bakeshop weren’t very good. The service was terrible as well.

There are many different sentence connectors. They express different relationships between ideas, like addition, contrast, and cause and effect.

Here are some examples of sentence connectors:

Adding information
as well, in addition, besides

  • 1. The donuts at the new bakeshop weren’t very good. The service was terrible as well.
    2. I can't afford to watch Les Misérables. Besides, I don't really like musicals.

    3. Jason is an excellent writer. In addition, he's a wonderful public speaker.

  • Showing contrast
    however, although, despite

  • 1. Our manager says he wants a fun workplace. However, he is a very strict and serious boss.
    2. Although her laptop wasn't working, Marissa was able to finish her report.
    3. Despite studying hard for the exam, Joel got a low score.

  • Indicating cause and effect
    as a result, due to, therefore

  • 1. Johnny broke his leg. As a result, he can't join the ski trip. 
    Due to bad weather, all the flights were cancelled.
    The company is opening an office in China. Therefore, they are hiring people who speak Mandarin.

  • Just be careful when using sentence connectors! If you use too many of them, your writing (or speech) will sound too heavy or pretentious. We don't want that, right?

Remember: When speaking and writing in English, it is always best to keep things as simple as possible.

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