In English, talking about the weather is a popular way to start conversations with people you don't know.

People talk about the weather all the time. It's a great starting point for every conversation, either in person or over the telephone. After all, everyone has something to say about the weather!

Learn vocabulary and expressions related to weather, and you'll be able to start a conversation anywhere and anytime with anyone.

It’s sunny today.

Check out the following sample dialogues:

It is + description.

Ana: How's the weather?
Ben: It is very cold here.
Ana: What's the temperature there?
Ben: It's five below (or minus 5 degrees).

Kevin: It's sunny today.
Michelle: Yes. I'm glad I brought a hat.

It is a + description + day (or morning/afternoon/night).

Jan: It's a nice day, isn't it?
Carl: We couldn't ask for a better day than this.

Mikhail: It's a lovely afternoon for a picnic.
Sheila: Yes, it's a warm and cloudy afternoon.

It is + verb-ing.

Olga: What's the weather like?
Pierre: The sun is shining.
Olga: Good for you! It's drizzling here.
Pierre: It was rainy this morning, but the sun came out.

What is the weather like in your city?

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