As with any language, there are tips for learning English in a way that's both quick and enjoyable. While we may all have different learning styles for how we absorb information, here are a handful of easy ways to master English faster.

1. Watch a lot of English videos.

Watch an English TV show or YouTube channel and notice how the characters use some common idioms and expressions. Listening to how native English speakers talk and immersing yourself in the experience is one of the most enjoyable and quickest ways to learn English.

Ted-Ed is filled with educational videos that use conversational English supplemented by animated visuals. Watch Mojo is another channel that features countdown videos about music, film, TV, and video games.

2. Read English news articles.

News articles are filled with words that you might not otherwise encounter when watching TV shows. This method improves your vocabulary and allows you to see what formal written English is like.

Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and BBC are considered to be some of the most trustworthy news websites according to the American Trends Panel (ATP).

3. Read at least one chapter from a light English novel each day.

Not only will you open your mind to the common ideas and situations in the Western World, but it will also help enhance your vocabulary. In this article we discuss some light reading novels that you might want to read.

4. Listen to some English songs.

Pick a genre you enjoy and go online to find English songs in that genre. Songs are a quick way to learn new words and idioms while entertaining you at the same time. Here’s are some Spotify playlists for when you’re feeling romantic, heartbroken, soulful, or quirky.

5. Practice your pronunciation.

After watching an English show or listening to some English songs, try imitating the way they speak. This is especially handy if your native language has a different intonation from English. allows you to look up the pronunciation of a word with just a few clicks! YouTube is also a great place to look for pronunciations of brands, names, and foreign words. Simply type in the word you want to pronounce followed by the keyword “pronunciation.”

Immerse yourself in all sorts of English media and you'll be well on your way to mastering the language!

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