Pronunciation is one of the skills you want to master when learning English. Even if your grammar isn’t perfect, if you know how to pronounce English words correctly, people will understand you better.

How do you improve your pronunciation skills? With practice, of course! Tongue twisters are fun and challenging pronunciation exercises that can help you get a better grasp of English pronunciation.

Here are six short tongue twisters you can use for practice.

Tongue twisters for practicing consonants

Consonants can be tough to pronounce, especially when you say them quickly one after the other. These tongue twisters can help you master the pronunciation of consonants.

1. The red lorry and yellow lorry dock there.

Take note of how you pronounce L versus R and D versus TH.

2. The blurry blue vines are in my back vision.

Bs and Vs can be confusing, so this is perfect for practicing the difference.

3. She sells seashells by the seashore.

This classic tongue twister helps you differentiate the S sound from the SH sound.

Tongue twisters for practicing vowels


The pronunciation of some vowels in English can be a challenge for many English learners. Try reading the following tongue twisters slowly at first until you master how each vowel is pronounced.

1. Eve entered easily as Earl edited his easel.

Take note of the long Es and the short Es.

2. Look, Locke! The lorry is moving.

This tongue twister allows you to practice some of the pronunciations of the O consonant.

3. That chick’s cheek is covered in soot.

This tongue twister helps you practice the I versus E sound and the O versus the OO sound.

These tongue twisters may seem tough at first, but lots of practice should help you perfect their pronunciation. Enjoy!

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