Do someone’s actions effect you or do they affect you? Is your mood the affect of the weather or is it the effect of the weather? Are you affected by these confusing sentences or are you effected?

No matter how long you’ve been speaking and writing in English, you will encounter confusing words. In this post, we will talk about the confusing the words “affect” and “effect.”

 So, how do you know when to use “affect”? And how do you know when to use “effect”? Here’s a quick guide to determining which one to use.


This word is more often used as a verb. It means “to produce change in or influence something.”


1. This decision will affect the lives of the next generation.
2. Three glasses of wine do not affect me at all!


This word is more often used as a noun. It refers to the change that is caused by something that happens.


1. We need to think of the effect of our decision on the next generation.
2. Red wine has good health effects, such as reducing heart disease.

Here is a good rule of thumb: If you need a verb, use “affect” and if you need a noun, use “effect.”

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