A group noun is a name for a group of people, animals, and things. Today, we will discuss group nouns for people.

In an earlier article, we introduced group nouns, which are also known as collective nouns. We wrote that people often have fun with creating group nouns.

Sometimes, group nouns are based on characteristics or behaviors of the people, animals or things they name.

A party of friends on the beach.

Here's a list of group nouns for people.

1. a billow of smokers – A billow is a large moving mass of smoke or steam. When smokers are together, you can see their huge cloud of smoke.

2. a field of athletesAthletes, or people who compete in sports, usually play on a piece of land, or a field, prepared for the game.

3. a gang of thieves – A gang is an organized group that work together, usually to do bad things. A thief is someone who steals things.

4. a patrol of policemen – Policemen keep watch over an area by walking or driving around it regularly.  Another word for that action is patrol.

5. a party of friends – A party is a social gathering, and so is a group of friends who are spending time together!

6. a glitter of generalsGenerals are high-ranking officers of the military. They usually get stars to indicate their rank. Stars are often described as shining. Another word for shine is glitter.  

We'll write more about group nouns for people next time.

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