It's the middle of summer in some parts of the world! Are you looking forward to spending some time in the sun? We have some idioms for you.

Idioms are established expressions that have a special meaning. Often, the meaning is figurative. Idioms are especially popular among English speakers. Learning idioms will help improve your understanding of the English language.


Here are our favorite idioms inspired by summer.

1. A ray of sunshine

You use this to describe someone who is always happy and pleasant.


Jamie: Helen is always so positive and cheerful!
Betty: Yes. She's a ray of sunshine. I'm glad we have her on the team.

2. A place in the sun

This refers to a situation, such as a job, that makes you happy. It gives you everything you need and want.


Roy: Where do you work now?
Lana: I now write for a newspaper. It's my dream job!
Roy: Good for you! I'm glad you finally found your place in the sun.

3. Come rain or shine

This means "whatever happens." When you say this, you're committing to doing something no matter what happens.


Yana: Are you sure you're coming to my birthday party?
Bob: I am! Come rain or shine, I'll be there.

4. Walk on sunshine

When someone is "walking on sunshine," they are very happy.


Luis: Sheila and I are finally getting married!
Mico: Congratulations! Your parents must be so thrilled.
Luis: They are. They're practically walking on sunshine!

5. Everything under the sun

This means "everything in the world."


Julie: We're going to Europe next month. Can you give me some travel tips?
Kevin: What do you want to do?
Julie: I want to do everything under the sun!

Now, try to use these idioms so you can remember them better!

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