If you want to improve your English skills, you need to know how to pronounce words properly. In this post, we will discuss silent letters in English words.

The English language has many silent letters. This can make learning English difficult, because words with silent letters are spelled and pronounced differently.

There are many reasons for silent letters. Some of them are remnants old pronunciations. For example, "bite" used to be pronounced with two syllables, before English speakers moved on to modern pronunciation.

Some silent letters came from borrowed words. For example, the word "psychology" was borrowed from Greek. English doesn't use the consonant sound "ps" to start words, so the letter P became silent.

What’s the point of silent letters then? Well, silent letters are still useful!

Here are some examples of words with silent letters.

Silent A: artistically, critically, musically

Silent B: climb, debt, doubt

Silent C: scissors, muscle, scent

Silent D: badge, handkerchief, sandwich

Silent E: age, clothes, love

Silent G: champagne, foreign, sign

Silent H: choir, ghost, honest

Silent I: business, plaid, parliament

Silent K: knee, knife, know

Silent L: calm, could, walk

Silent N: autumn, column, hymn

Silent P: cupboard, pneumonia, receipt

Silent S: aisle, island, debris

Silent T: castle, often, witch

Silent U: biscuit, building, guess

Silent W: answer, wrap, write

Study this list carefully to know understand English pronunciation better.

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