We have written about the English names for a group of people, animals, and objects--or group nouns--before. This time, let's have a look at interesting group nouns for things.

People often have fun with creating group nouns. Sometimes, group nouns are based on characteristics of the things they name.

Here's a list of group nouns for things.

1. an agenda of tasks – An agenda, of course, is a list of things to be done or things that need to be acted upon.

2. a wealth of information – Wealth refers to a great quantity of anything. But it also refers to things that have great value.

3. a battery of tests – A battery is a large series of things. Interestingly, battery is also a word for a physical attack on a person.

4. a flight of stairs – A flight is a series of steps from one floor of a building and the next floor. But it also refers to movement, usually upwards.

5. a heap of trash – A heap is a group of things placed one on another, or a pile.

6. a ring of keys – A ring is a circular band of metal, like the one we usually wear on a finger. We often put keys on a similar object.

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