Have you ever wondered how certain foods got their names in English? For instance, why is a sandwich called a sandwich? In this post, we will talk about the history of some English food names.


The sandwich got its name from John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. There's a good reason behind it too—he supposedly invented it!

The story is that Lord Sandwich loved playing cards. He wanted to keep playing while eating, so he preferred to eat without using a fork or knife. However, he didn't like getting his cards greasy with food either.

The solution? He asked for his meat tucked between two pieces of bread. Soon, other people were asking for the same food "as Sandwich."

A hamburger and french fries


The hamburger is a sandwich, but it has its own special characteristics that make it different. The main difference is that it is a meat patty, which is also called a burger, placed inside a sliced bun.

The name comes from Hamburg, a city in Germany. The people of Hamburg are called Hamburger. The name of the food originates from the city, but the sandwich itself may not. There are many different stories about where the hamburger came from.

One of the most popular origin stories is that the sandwich was invented in America, with the patties using beef from German Hamburg cows.

French fries

Contrary to its name, french fries are not originally French. This popular side dish got its name because American soldiers discovered fried potatoes in Belgium, where they were stationed during World War I.

It had more to do with language than geography. The official language of the Belgian army was French, so the fried potatoes were called french fries.

Of course, there is such a thing as Belgian fries. They are thicker and they are fried twice, making them crispier.

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