Who says learning English has to be expensive and time-consuming?

With so many online courses that you can take for free, there's practically nothing stopping you from learning the wonders of the English language. So buckle up and start surveying these sights for the right English course for you.


Alison has over 750 courses that you can take, ranging from Children’s Studies to Statistics. Of course, they also have a multitude of English courses that you can take depending on your needs. Check out their free online English language courses here.

We suggest:

English Course - Conversations in the Present for beginners who want to learn how to make small talk.
English Course - Present Simple and Continuous is a good start for those who want to study the different English verb tenses. 
English Course - English for Travel will be helpful for those who need English for business trips or vacations. 


FutureLearn has a unique curriculum that encourages interaction among students. This is a great tool for learning English as you get to practice your lessons with fellow students! FutureLearn’s courses come from 40 places worldwide, including the British Council and the British Museum. This makes them a great place to go if you want to hone your British English skills.

We suggest:

Understanding IELTS is a great course for those preparing for English proficiency tests.
English for the Workplace is a practical guide for employees of workplaces where people primarily speak English.
Learning English for Academic Purposes is a great course to take if you want to develop your English skills while in university.


Saylor is a comprehensive website that offers college- and professional-level courses for free. You can opt to take their many certificate courses and programs on all sorts of subjects. And the best part is you can also turn your certificate into college credit by taking an exam for a small fee.

We suggest:

ENGL000: Pre-College English is a wonderful preparation course for ESL students who are about to attend university.
ENGL001: English Composition 1 helps you hone your writing skills to prepare you for academic writing in a university setting.

These websites offer a multitude of English-related courses that you can take, no matter your skill level. They’re a wonderful tool for developing your English skills in a practical and affordable way!

For those of you who are willing to shell out just a little more for high-quality and practical English lessons, Learntalk's wide array of English courses has you covered. Simply browse through our many lessons to pick out the one that's most suitable for your needs and skill level!

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