In an earlier post, we talked about how to learn English through songs. We’re back with some song recommendations. Enjoy!

1. “The Fool on the Hill” by The Beatles

In a study by Pearson English, it was found that The Beatles is the best band to help you learn English. The Beatles’ song lyrics are poetic and symbolic, but they are in a language that is simple and easy to understand.

“The Fool on the Hill” paints a picture of a man sitting alone on a hill. People think he’s a fool, but he’s actually very wise.

Paul McCartney said that the song is about someone like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Level: High beginner

Day after day,
Alone on a hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he’s just a fool,
And he never gives an answer.
But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning around.

2. “When We Were Young” by Adele

Adele has broken hearts all over the world with her music. But her song lyrics can also help people learn English.

Her songs all have clear stories that leave an emotional impact. In “When We Were Young,” Adele sings about meeting an old friend again and remembering the past.

Level: Intermediate

Everybody loves the things you do,
From the way you talk to the way you move.
Everybody here is watching you
Because you feel like home, you’re like a dream come true.
But if by chance you’re here alone,
Can I have a moment before I go?
Because I’ve been by myself all night long,
Hoping you’re someone I used to know.

3. “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was given the Nobel Prize for Literature for his songwriting. In this video, he sings one of his most popular love songs, “Make You Feel My Love.”

The song describes everything the person will do to make his beloved feel his love. Many singers, including Adele, have their own version of this Dylan song.

Level: High intermediate

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case,

I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love.
When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears.
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love.

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