What is the TOEFL?


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized exam that measures proficiency in the English language for non-native speakers. The TOEFL is highly regarded, so scoring high on the exam will open many doors for you.

The TOEFL is a comprehensive exam, and it tests how well you can understand English in both spoken and written form. It is used as one of the requirements for foreigners to apply for universities around the world where English is the primary language of instruction.

The advantages of taking the test are many, but the most striking one that four out of five university admissions officers prefer the TOEFL as an indicator of your proficiency in English. Top universities in the US, the UK, and Australia use your TOEFL scores for admissions. Over 130 countries and 9,000 universities across the globe accept your TOEFL score.

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Why take the TOEFL?

If you’re looking to pursue undergraduate or post-graduate studies, taking the TOEFL is the first step to the life-changing experience of studying abroad. There is no better time to live in a new city than your years as a university student. You get a unique, international perspective on the world that shows that you are indeed a global citizen. You expand your social network, which also opens a vast array of opportunities for you. Plus, being able to say that you studied abroad will automatically make your résumé stand out when you’re job hunting. Your adventure begins when you take the TOEFL.

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