We now have Waze, Google Maps, and other GPS navigation software. However, when you are loooking for a place, the fastest way to find it is by asking for directions. In this post, we'll discuss different phrases and expressions you can use to ask for directions.

Do you travel outside the country often? When you're in a foreign country, asking for directions in English is also a great way to talk to people so you can practice speaking and listening in English. 

The simplest way to ask for directions is to use the expression "Where is _____?" 

For example:

Where is the toilet?
Where is Katz's Delicatessen? 

Of course, when speaking in English, you want to use different words and phrases for variety. Here are other common phrases and expressions for asking directions. 

You can start by saying a polite "Exuse me." or a friendly "Hi!" or "Hello!"

Looking for specific places

• I'm looking for the Museum of Natural History. Do you know how to get there?
• Do you know where the nearest McDonald's is?

• How do I get to the Van Gogh Museum from here?

• Can you tell me the way to The Louvre?

Looking for general places

• I'm looking for a nice place to have coffee. Do you know of a cafe nearby?
• Can you point me to the nearest gas station?

• Can you give me quick directions to the nearest shopping mall?

• Is there a Chinese restaurant near here?

Asking for more information

• Is it far?

• How far is the bus station from here?
• Can I walk there or do I need to take the bus?
• I think I’m lost. Where am I on this map?

When asking for directions, you need to understand the directions too. We'll take a look at more phrases and expressions for giving directions next time. 

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