Going through the airport for international trips can be stressful, especially if you don't speak English. It always helps to know expressions that are commonly used in airports. 

To help you in your next travels, we've compiled a short list of expressions you will need at the airport check-in counter.

Let's start with some expressions people at the airport will say to you when you try to get on your flight.

Where are you flying to today? – The airline agent will ask you this question to know where you are going.

This information will also help the agent check if you're at the right counter. A similar question is: What is your final destination?

May I have your ticket, please? – The airline agent wants to check your ticket.

May I have your passport, please? – The airline agent wants to check your passport. You can't travel internationally without it.

Are you checking any bags? – The airline agent wants to know if you have bags that you will not personally carry on the plane.

Here's your boarding pass. – The airline agent is giving you the ticket you need to enter the plane.

Boarding time is at 12:15pm at Gate 12. – The airline agent is telling you where to go and what time you need to start getting on the airplane.

Remember these expressions for the next time you fly! Next time, we’ll write about expressions you can say to the airline agent.

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