Have you ever asked yourself why we get in a car and get on a plane? Do we get in a bus or get on one? What about a train? Read on!

Using words like in and on when talking about vehicles can get confusing. 

It's easy to understand why we get on a bike, a motorcycle, and a horse. We are on top of them!

But why do we say get on a bus when we actually go inside it? Can't we get in the bus? After all, we get in a car. 

The lady got in the taxi first.

Are you even more confused now? Not to worry! Here's a tip: You get on a vehicle you can stand in, and you get in a vehicle you can only sit in. 

The important thing to remember is size! If it’s a big vehicle and people can stand up inside it, you use ON.

I got on the last bus.
You can fly to the island on an airplane.
Tom goes fishing on his boat.
They had a party on a yacht.
There was a mysterious girl on the train.

If it’s a small vehicle and you have to sit inside it, you use IN.

Two people can paddle in a canoe.
He is sleeping in his car.
The lady got in the taxi first.
Get in the truck!
There are two men in the van.

We hope this was helpful!

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