English is the language of air travel. Flight crew and anyone who works with international flights need to speak English very well.

While airlines also use other languages at the same time, English is always used on airplanes.

It helps to know how some key expressions you can use the next time you fly. Here are some examples:

1. Can you repeat that please? If you didn't understand what the flight attendant said to you, you can ask him or her to say it again.

If the flight attendant speaks to fast, you can also say: Can you speak more slowly please?

2. Excuse me. Where is my seat? You can ask this when you want to know where your place is on the plane. Have your ticket ready because it shows your seat number.

3. Excuse me, but I think this is my seat. If you find someone else sitting on your seat, this is what you say. Again, have your ticket ready because it shows your seat number!

If you want the flight attendant to help you get your seat from another person, you can tell him or her: Excuse me, someone is sitting in my seat.

4. Could you help me with my luggage/bag, please? If you need help putting your bag in the luggage compartment, this is what you can say to flight attendants or, sometimes, helpful passengers!

5. May I have _____, please? You can use this expression for making requests. You can ask for water or whatever drink you want, a magazine, a blanket, or anything else you need.

6. Can you help me _____, please? You can use this expression when you need help with anything, like using the entertainment system or filling out the arrival/departure card:

Can you help me use the entertainment system, please?
Can you help me fill out the arrival/departure card, please?

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