A lot of men lament the fact that they don’t get a lot of compliments. It’s pretty sad because men deserve just as many compliments as women when it comes to their appearance, their intelligence, and their dependability.

If you are reading this and planning to compliment a guy, consider this your opportunity to use words that he may find more meaningful than the generic compliments like “hot,” “sexy,” “smart,” or “generous.” Here are some words you can use to describe a man you’d like to compliment.

1. Dapper

Dapper means well-dressed or neat in dress or appearance. Thanks to numerous resources that inspire men to dress well, more and more men put more effort into looking dapper. Naturally, a great way to show that you appreciate the effort is by telling a man that he looks very dapper in what he’s wearing.

2. Capable

There’s no denying that men take pride in doing things well. It’s part of their masculine pride to be able to accomplish things they set out to do, whether it’s at work, in their hobby, or in their social life. Telling a man he’s capable is a huge compliment because it shows that you can see his drive and ability to succeed. Men take it as a huge compliment when you comment on their potential to be successful.

3. Sophisticated

Call a man a sophisticated gentleman and he’s sure to (internally) gush. Being sophisticated entails having a lot of worldly knowledge about culture. So telling a man that he’s sophisticated is like telling him how much you appreciate his love for the arts, music, literature, or even fashion.

4. Brilliant


Don’t settle for calling him smart; tell him he’s brilliant! Men tend to be very goal-oriented, and the often want to have a clear goal when doing something. When the guy you like is able to do something he’s set his mind to, tell him he’s brilliant. It’s like telling him he’s clever and talented in one go, while boosting his ego right after he has achieved something.

5. Reliable

When a man wants to impress a girl, he would often do things for her. He wants to be seen and dependable and reliable. So if you’re the girl a guy has been trying to impress, make sure you sneak in this compliment while thanking him for something he has done lately.

Whether you’re looking to build rapport or show your appreciation for a guy, try to use some of these words to describe him. There’s no doubt that he’ll remember these compliments for years to come!

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