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5 Common English Words with Weird, Hilarious, or Awesome Latin Meanings

Have you ever wondered about the origin of some words you use every day? Are they Old French, Old English, Germanic, or better yet Latin? A lot of the words we use today trace their meanings back to Latin, and this doesn’t just apply to English. Many French, Italian, Spanish, and even German...

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5 Common Metaphors and Their Meanings

A metaphor is a phrase that we use to compare two different things that have something in common. Metaphors allow us to imagine what someone is trying to say by appealing to our senses. For example, someone at a busy public market might say, "It's a jungle out here."

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Simple Past vs. Present Perfect: It's All in the Past, So Does It Matter?!

It's easy to confuse the simple past and present perfect tenses. And believe me, even native English speakers get these two mixed up.

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5 Light Reading Novels to Help You Learn English Faster

One of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary is by reading a book. You'll come across lots of words you wouldn't otherwise encounter if you don't start reading. If you're a beginner, don't worry.

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The Weird Connection Between Gothic Statues and Oral Hygiene

No, we're not talking about brushing the teeth of gargoyles in gothic buildings. Though some of them seem to need it. We're actually talking about the origin of the word for those grisly creatures you find adorning many gothic churches.

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Who, Whom, Whose, and Who’s: How to Not Sound Like an Idiot when You’re Using Them

Who, whom, whose. Who, whom, whose. Say it a couple more times and you’ll start sounding like an owl.

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